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These themed wishing bottles are a wonderful addition to your bedside table, window, mantle piece or working space. 

The Awakening - filled with Amethyst, this little wishing bottle is a treat for the crown chakra, aiding anxiety, insomnia and heightening consciousness

Breaking Habits -  yellow calcite for having the strength to stop repeating those non-serving old habits

My Tranquillity - Filled with blue and white crystals, a calming blend of crystals to bring peace and balance

Rejuvenate - Filled with blue calcite, this is a perfect accessory to aid healing and relaxation

A Hug in a Bottle - Filled with Rose Quartz, this is one for compassion, self-love and empathy towards others

Aligned - Filled with the master healer, Clear Quartz

Crystal Wishing Bottles

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