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Welcome to Aligned

Aligned is an authentic, holistic wellness brand, facilitating personal development through crystals, mentorship, workshops and events. 

Our approach is truly holistic in that we advocate for and specialise in a variety of tools for personal growth; from Mentorship, Self-analysis and academic theories in Leadership and Human Resource Development, to the use of Crystals, Chakras and knowledge from Ancient Cultures

Our approach has enabled us to offer solutions for educational establishments, organisations and individuals.


Our Aim


Our aim is to help people find alignment in their everyday lives through learning, guided problem solving, habit creation and connecting with others.

Here at Aligned, we acknowledge changing times, adversity, duality and challenges and use this understanding to design effective ways to find internal balance; with the Chakra system at the core of our approach


Work With Us

We have a variety of facets to our services and products, all of which are designed to positively impact people from communities and organisations to students and adults. If you are a school, community organistion, youth group or a small business, get in touch with us to see how we can collaborate.


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