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My name is Shreya and I am the founder of Aligned. I have a passion for helping others to grow, develop and live a life of purpose and happiness. I have worked over the past 12 years to develop as a mentor, a leader, a facilitator and a crystal connoisseur and have had the pleasure of combining all of these interests of mine into a holistic brand - hoping to share what I have learnt with the world - my drop in the ocean of positive change

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My Story

My development journey in terms of education, started in 2011 when I started my undergraduate degree in Business and Marketing. After my graduation, I struggled to understand and apply what I had learnt and translate this into a career as my jobs prior to this had been in fast food and retail. I went blindly into a contact centre job and whilst I made some friends for life, this job was not my calling. I did however find myself thriving in various job roles due to the transferrable skills I had gained and developed a sense of gratitude for how these skills and my day to day work could help me in everyday life.

I progressed in my contact centre career and utilised my patience, problem solving and analytical skills as a complaint handler. During this time, I started Aligned which began as a Crystal store only but also sparked my return to my Indian roots, where I studied the Chakra system in depth. I utilised this knowledge to create Chakra focussed workshops, blending ancient practices with academia to provide tools which could be applied in the modern and changing world in which we live. I also wanted to sell crystals to people face to face rather than just through a website so I started a small pop-up event which went from two vendors to having showcased over 40 entrepreneurs over the past 5 years over 15 events - creating free, family friendly spaces for communities to connect. 

My positive performance at work led to a successful application for sponsorship at a HR postgraduate degree. This qualification alongside my other interests resulted in my first leadership role, my entry into the world of careers and the start of my journey as a youth and adult mentor. I then proceeded to gain my Masters degree in Leadership and Management to help progress myself further. My current full-time role is as an Operational HR Leader for a worldwide media organisation. I am also a volunteer mentor in schools and Mother to a baby girl - I have continued to pursue this gift of a brand as my passion and purpose; in the hope to show my daughter and others, that we really can have it all when we are aligned!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities and collaborations. Let's connect!

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Instagram - @a.ligned

Linked In - Shreya Patel

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