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9 - 5 and Living The Dream?..

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

I thought i'd use this post to tell you a little more about the person behind the brand.

I'm Shreya Patel. I am a Crystal enthusiast, with a huge heart, a full-time corporate job and a thirst for knowledge!

I am 26 years old and based in Birmingham.

Just 8 years ago I was working at McDonalds, studying for grades to go to university and pretty much had just started partying my wages away. I worked a few other jobs after university was done. I made some great friends and went on lovely holidays.. Something was just missing though..

I founded Aligned in April 2017. I had been working at The AA for 6 months and was working as a complaint handler.

Aligned was my creative space to escape to after the focus required in my 9 - 5. In every role I've had, i've always worked really hard. I pushed to reach targets, I respected my Managers, I came up with new ideas and treated everyone with importance and care.

Working with Crystals and Energy really triggers a lot of self analysis. With this, I decided I wanted to study again. I chose HR Management because I love the size and scope of corporate organisations and the impact that people relationships can have on them. My workplace sponsored my study which I am so grateful for.

Half way through my postgraduate diploma, in September 2018, I applied for a job internally as a Team Leader; managing a team of Apprentices. I was so pleased to have gotten that seconded job. It honestly changed my life.

Since, I have been made permanent and thrive in my role everyday. I have been to ceremonies where we have won awards for our work. I go into schools and talk to pupils about careers, development and entrepreneurship. I met Her Royal Highness, Princess Royal who advocates our learning provider. I've been to places that I thought were too posh for me to set foot into.

I talk to my colleagues and teams about Aligned all the time. One of my Apprentices even does some photography for me and many others support me in a variety of ways.

I get to talk about self management, reflection, visualisation, growth, change, respect, nature, self love and many more similar themes.. all as part of my day to day work.. and then moreso through aligned.

I wanted to share this because we can so easily get bogged down by the less exciting or rewarding parts of our journey. I assure you those are the parts where the universe is pushing for YOU to do more for yourself. Kindness really does bring good things your way.

I live a humble and simple life. I carry care, grattitude and integrity through all my interactions. I consume cautiously and love endlessly.

I can honestly say "I'm living the dream.."

What's yours? And what are you doing towards it?

I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading x

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