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Down Time or Procrastination?

Yep.. I said the P word!

If you read my last post, you'll agree that I clearly get a kick out of being super busy!

This summer, additionally to work, university and business, I was part of three beautiful family weddings and also had a slightly poorly Dad.

The beauty of a business of your own is that it waits for you. I really had to focus on my family the past few months and make sure that colourful and healthy memories were made.. which they were!

I knew i'd push more effort and time into Aligned once my responsibilities were taken care of..

See, there's a big difference between taking planned time to invest in something of importance, and procrastination.

Always follow through with your intentions - just ensure that your timeframes to achieve are realistic and fair to your circumstances.

Unexecuted intentions only turn to procrastination when the likelihood of completion reduces.

Plan and time your execution. Then follow through. Write lists. Set timers and calendar alarms. Journal. Think. Breathe. There is time for it all. I promise.

Audiences, customers, clients, partners, stakeholders.. they are all important but are also human and will accept any expectation you set with them.

I wrote this to reassure you that I always put as much time and love into aligned as humanly possible. I struggle to juggle at times but I always find my way again. I love it as much as I did in 2017 and I hope you all do too!

Never feel guilty for taking a break from anything which takes you away from what's important. You owe it to yourself to feel confident in your decisions. You owe yourself control of your own time.

I appreciate your patience every time.

Thanks for reading x

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